A Legacy Built on Integrity

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TruBell is the brainchild of Rayshel Stewart and Keiana Scott, a mother and daughter team, whose family legacy of strong female role models was the inspiration for the name, TruBell, and the values which are the cornerstone of their business.


Trudie Bell, was their great/great great grandmother, who they affectionately called “TruBell”. She managed homes of influentials in DC and ran them as efficiently as a business. Her ability to coordinate and host gatherings that were well appointed and anticipated spoke to her ease and grace as an orchestrator of special events. She taught her family the importance of being of service with integrity, grace, and dedication to going beyond expectations that left an indelible mark in their hearts and fueled their passion for “Doing Business Better.”


We collaborate and partner with qualified consultants and subject matter experts (SME) whose knowledge encompasses multiple industries and disciplines.  Using this model, TruBell is able to offer a depth of knowledge and experience and the ability to be agile and flexible for customizing work to meet your organization’s unique needs.

We are service oriented, critical thinkers, with the ability to strategize and execute. We demonstrate superior ability through acting with a sense of urgency, maintaining integrity and striving for excellence in every task.

As your service provider, know we have your back and our team is dedicated to keeping the gears moving towards your success.



Rayshel Stewart
Ms. Stewart has over 25 years of experience in developing and improving operations, facilitating training, and managing change initiatives, as well as managing projects that involve interpersonal conflict. She has a wide network in the DC region among Federal and non-profit agencies and has worked regional and national for organizations such as DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Federal Aviation Administration and Baltimore County Government to name a few.

Ms. Stewart’s expertise centers around her ability to facilitate stakeholder engagement by researching and analyzing current operations, and providing insightful recommendations that mitigate risk, align teams with vision and upgrades performance.

Additionally, Ms. Stewart is skilled in board development, project management, and leading meaningful workshops connected to resolving conflict and action planning. 

Keiana Scott

Ms Scott has over a decade of experience spanning Strategic Planning, Public Relations and Communications. Her expertise is in program/ contract management, research and analysis, event planning, identifying strategic relationships, developing communications products, change management, and solving problems. She possesses exceptional communication, writing, and leadership skills.

Ms. Scott has developed many connections throughout her career working with organizations such as UMUC Ventures, DC’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, and the Federal Aviation Administration and has proven experience effectively working to support large initiatives with actively changing requirements and deadlines. She has mastered the ability to liaise between both internal and external teams and is committed to service with the ability to bring empathy to a room while helping clients navigate complex situations